To Do & Changelog

To do

  • Automatically resize images when generating site
  • Learn about fixed URLs for posts so they can be referenced
  • Add comments with disqus
  • Posts that have a cover image should show it on the blog post overview page (aka home page)
  • Make a collection softwareWeNeed
  • Have the generated site be automatically checked for broken links
  • Give the recipes their images back…
  • Make bookmarks page available
  • Make a cool 404 page, for example


Sunday, April 28th 2019, Munich, Café Wiener Platz / Gartner parent’s home

  • Switched to the Gem Based version of the TeXt Theme (remotely loaded from Github)
  • Changed the logo to blue ;)
  • Switched off show_edit_on_github
  • Started having tests for broken links

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, Waterfront Bar over lunch

  • Fixed Google Analytics
  • Have the last build date & time displayed in the footer of the pages.

Monday, April 22nd 2019

  • Changed the site.webmanifest to have a proper name when saving the website shortcut on iOS screen.
  • Added Google ID for tracking on Google analytics. TODO: Does it work?

Friday, April 19th 2019

  • Moved to my URL

April 18th 2019

  • Added Icons
  • Made the recipes work

April 13th 2019

While being in Hongkong, I set up my new site with jekyll.

problems I was facing or things that I just spent time on:

  • The font on the color of the links as they were displayed by the TeXt theme, so I had to dig in the CSS - as soon as you go CSS at least one hour is wasted…


Images in the posts didn’t show when published on github pages - they do show up when running jekyll locally…

Things I tried and that did NOT work:

url: # the base hostname & protocol for your site e.g.
baseurl: /tillgartner # does not include hostname

To make it work I had to add the site url to the image like so:

![sugar cane](/img/2015-06/sugarcane1.jpg)

It doesn’t look like the best way to me, but currently I can’t find a begtter solution.